"How To..." Slides

“How To…” Slides

We step you through how to prepare vegetables and fruit. Basic cooking techniques giving you all you need to be able to cook healthy and nutritious meals at home.

Recipes for Two

Recipes for Two

A selection of recipes which are all portioned for two. Simple ingredients, quick and easy to prepare. Seasonal classification of recipes so you know when the fresh ingredients are available.

Fruit & Veg Guides

Fruit & Veg Guides

Fruit and Veg guides, portion sizes and how to prepare. When in season, saves money and you get more nutrients as well as supporting local producers.



Would you like to cook at home but don’t know where to start?

Don’t know your scallions from your shallots let alone how to dice an onion?

Surviving on Takeaways and Packaged food as there are no instructions on real food.

Fed up of the recipes for four to six when you are only feeding two?

You have come to the right place…..


“meals made easy”

“How to” slides to help you prepare and cook real meals, simple recipes for two, and guides to all your fruit and vegetables.


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