There was a period in my life when weight was an issue for me, despite being very sporty and physically active.This was due to what I was eating.

It takes about half hour of running to burn off the energy from a muffin….!

Recipes were for four or more so portion sizes were an issue when there were only two of us eating it. I set to work on cutting down the recipes and also keeping portions for lunch the following day.

After getting that sorted people kept asking how we ate so much but weren’t fat. The answer always is eating the right kinds of foods in the right quantities.  Exercising is about being Fit and Eating Right is about being healthy…

Colette from Cookabilly

Col “the cook of Cookabilly”

I have seen so many people struggling with their weight and when you look at what they are eating it’s no wonder. The reasons they give for their lifestyle are – too expensive to eat healthy, can’t be bothered cooking for just one/two, recipes are all for 4-6, don’t know how to cook and so on.

Wanting to help, I started making meals for friends and colleagues to encourage them to eat better and soon realised the truth of the Proverb:

GIVE a man a fish and you feed him for a day, TEACH a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”  and so COOKABILLY was created.
COOKABILLY is about making cooking simple and within everybody’s reach. Eating well while being affordable and sustainable.



We are based in Sydney, Australia, so the seasonal produce and product availability reflects that.  In Australia we are spoilt with the choice of produce we have and the availability throughout the year due to the varied growing climates. If you are joining us from another part of the world the seasons may be at different times of year but the fruit and vegetables available in those seasons should be similar.  Please always check where your produce is coming from and try to buy local and in season.


Studies show each household throws out an average of $1,500 of food a year. What could you do with that money?

The impact of food waste as you know also affects the environment as the food needs to be disposed of somewhere (aside from the impact from producing it in the first place and getting to your kitchen).

If you eat well you are likely to be eating fewer calories so will help keep your waist in check too!

We also believe that cooking at home and eating healthy is cheaper than eating out (even for small households) which is why it’s part of our lifestyle. How much money are you wasting on takeaways and junk food?

There are organisations like OzHarvest and SecondBite doing great work putting leftover food to good use while we can all do our bit to reduce the impact at home. To help us all reduce our food waste we are sharing cooking hints and tips and storage ideas as well as creative uses for leftover ingredients.



We all lead busy lives and it’s often hard to find the time to plan meals and get organised with what’s for dinner and so much quicker and easier to grab a takeaway meal.

At COOKABILLY we want to make it easier to eat well.

All our recipes are for two, which you can multiply for larger families (most people find it easier to multiply than divide). The benefit of this is that you cook the quantity that you need without having leftovers which will go to waste. Cooking for two is what we do…..

Recipes are simple and ingredients are readily available saving you time and money.

Requiring only basic cooking skills (and we show you how) all recipes have a high “cookability” rating meaning they are easy and relatively quick to make. Nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals!

All recipes are classified by season so you know when you are likely to find the ingredients in store. We try to make cooking at home as easy as it can be.

Thank you for joining us. We hope we can make a positive difference to make you healthier and the world healthier too.


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