Potato (One Serve)


Single Serve = 1 medium potato / 75g

Storage = a cool dark place away from onions.  Not in the fridge. Remove from plastic bag.

Preparation = peel or scrub to clean the skin. Leave the skin on and eat it if possible. You could remove the skin after cooking to retain more of the nutrients which are stored just under the outer skin.

Cooking = Boil, Steam, Roast, Fry, Microwave

Uses = side dish, curries, casseroles or soups.

Learn more about the different varieties, how they are grown and what you can do with them by reading our blog. We are making the most of this cheap and healthy vegetable. Make meals go further by adding a few extra to bulk it out.

Potato Recipes for Two

Add to soups to make them thick and creamy, without the cream, like this Potato and Leek Soup.

Use in casseroles, curries or stews to add extra starch and nutrients like Curried Mince and Potatoes or Eggpant and Potato Curry

Make a simple Spanish Omelette or an Irish favourite Colcannon.


Some diet advice will recommend avoiding potatoes as they are high in calories. The only ones you would benefit from avoiding are chips and crisps as they are high in fat and salt which are really bad for you.