Blueberries are cheap in summer but will cost you a small fortune in autumn…and cherries in winter sound nice but they are imported from the USA so wait until spring when you can get Australian grown.

Using seasonal recipes you will be able to find the ingredients in store. Know what to cook when, in order to get the cheapest and tastiest ingredients.

As with all things in nature some produce may change due to weather conditions and also because Australia has such diverse climates across the country what are traditionally summer fruits may be available in a Sydney winter such as strawberries and tomatoes, because they are grown in the tropics.

Use these seasonal recipes to make fresh and healthy meals with the fruit and vegetables that are available in your season.


The food like the weather is variable with the last remnants of the winter crops and the first fruits of summer.


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Outdoor and alfresco eating with salads and BBQs are the order of the day. This season sees the broadest range of fresh fruit and vegetables and includes stone fruits.


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This is the season that mixes the last of the summer crops with the start of the winter produce. The recipes reflect the changeover from the lightness of summer to the richness of the root vegetables and stove top cooking at the start of the colder months.


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As the nights get dark and cold it is very comforting to put the oven on and cook a hot dinner.  The recipes reflect the rich earthy nature of the produce and the season.

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